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When the Oakland A’s blended data with instinct to inform their strategy, baseball was forever changed.


This new “Moneyball” approach replaced inaccurate biases with a data-driven technique that delivered results.


That is the 1892 Difference. Our team applies this same Moneyball approach to win elections. Our team of pollsters, strategists, and operatives leverage the Moneyball approach to navigate unpredictable and unrelenting political environments to win the tough races. It’s an approach that’s elected Governors and Senators in states Obama and Biden have won by 17%, and states Trump won by 36%.


Our candidates are running to change the country, and we’re all-in.

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“Politics is no game, but a serious business”

Winston Churchill

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1892 is a full-service political consulting firm.  Our approach is simple: study the electorate, build a winning coalition analysis to get you to 51%, then devise and execute a custom plan to achieve that objective. We’ve done this in every corner of the country, winning targeted elections at the federal, state, and local level.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all campaign plans. Instead we’ll work with you to build a plan that works for your campaign. Politics is our passion, and we take every race seriously.


1892 has conducted accurate research for Presidents, Governors, Senators, and members of Congress nationwide. We take a surgical approach to studying the research and work with you to tell your story. Successful campaigns are about big ideas, and we’ll help you communicate yours in themes, messages, and language that resonate with Americans from all walks of life.


We've produced over 50,000,000 pieces of direct mail, winning awards along the way. We are proven operatives who immerse ourselves in your campaign strategy. Only partners write the copy and develop the design and creative ideas. Further, we understand the value of data and modeling when creating targeted direct mail plans. Our direct mail plans allow a campaign to message, with pinpoint accuracy, the exact voters they want to reach. Our national printer network 

allows us to move quickly from concept to mailbox.


1892 has a track record of winning against massive voter registration disadvantages because of our ability to model the electorate to enhance each individual voter contact. Our models allow us to put aside the safely Republican and reliably Democratic voters, and instead focus your resources on contacting undecided and persuadable voters with the issues that matter most to them.

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